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Joe Moorsey

I bought the Bliss. Perfect balance – not to soft not to firm. Great Support. My favorite mattress of all time! It was thicker than I thought. Great deal compared to others.

John L.

Sephora Hybrid King – 5 STARS!

PREFACE: Love, love, love this bed! And boy, let me tell ya, we shopped until we dropped, drove ourselves plum nuts driving around and laying on different beds, settling on this one, and after 6 mos of well rested use, we honestly couldn’t be happier!

• SHOWROOM vs ONLINE-ONLY – If you have the option, buy from someone like Premium Mattress Direct in Raleigh where we got ours. Try before you buy (so less risk or hassle), zero frills but great service and price.

• COMFORT AND QUALITY (5.0) – Most comfortable bed we’ve ever owned! Yes, everyone’s tastes are different, but for the two of us, we wanted a bed that was softer while still providing that underlying firm support, and this mattress delivers in spades!

• SHIPPING SPEED (5.0) – Arrived in about a week, just as promised!
• Laying flat after unpacking (5.0) – The genius of getting a king size bed in a box that’s about 2’x2’x4′ and it still laying out flat with zero issues, is amazing … zero concerns there!

• PACKAGING QUALITY (1.0) – As far as quality of the box itself, the mfr should really be shot: putting a 70 lb mattress in a sgl-layer cardboard with no handles was insane, box showed up ripped and tattered, poor shipper (FedEx ground) had to cobble tape around it just to get it here. Then, just try to drag that heavy thing up the stairs … it took every ounce of strength my wife, daughter, and I had to get it up there. That box should be twice as thick, with 2 plastic straps on each end and even greater support at those connection points.

Ryan Babb, Chattanooga TN

I ordered the Selena Sanya Sleep Mattress for my daughter who has hip pain while sleeping. The Selena was a perfect choice. The mattress is a perfect combination of plush softness and support. My daughter now gets a great night sleep and with no hip pain. I recommend Sanya Sleep to anyone looking for a quality mattress at a great price!