The Sanya Sleep Dawn is an entry-level mattress, perfect for kids & bunkbeds

Neutral Memory Foam Feel




The Sanya Sleep Dawn starts with a firm, supportive High Resiliency Foam Core to maintain proper posture.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is achieved by adding in a 1” top quality Gel Infused Memory Foam layer.    The Dawn uses a traditional formulation of Gel Memory Foam to create a neutral “Memory Foam Feel”

Temperature Regulation

The Dawn uses a 1” layer of Gel Infused Memory Foam. The Gel Infused Memory Foam is added to enhance temperature regulation as it will not hold heat like standard foams.


Using a High Resiliency Foam Core as your base support you will enjoy zero partner disturbance.  Unlike the typical innerspring that transfers motion from side to side, a foam core mattress absorbs the energy/movement and provides you sound-undisturbed sleep.

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